• Worship Experiences:

    Sundays 9am & 11am

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Immediate needs:

  • Computer knowledge? Kidz Ministry is looking for volunteers to help with Check-in on Sunday mornings. Will train. Contact kidzat1betheldotcom
  • KIDZ: Group leaders, Large Group hosts and storytellers, check-in and security. Contact kidzat1betheldotcom

Ministry Opportunities

  • Bus drivers with current CDL License and Public Passenger endorsement. Contact bethyoungat1betheldotcom
  • Care Team – Visitation: Visit those of our congregation who are in the hospital or shut-in at home or in a facility. Pray with them and offer encouragement. Contact daveschwambachat1betheldotcom
  • Facilities/Campus – Facilities: Help clean and maintain the building and grounds. Maintenance items arise from time to time. Contact bobbrownat1betheldotcom
  • Connection Team: Greet guests, answer questions, hand out bulletins, provide information and connection points. Contact connectionsat1betheldotcom
  • Kidz –Babies & Nursery: Opportunities range from crafts to greeters. Help share the kindness and goodness to kids of nursery and preschool ages. Contact kidzat1betheldotcom
  • Kidz – Elementary: Opportunities range from crafts to greeters. Tech team (sound, lighting, computer graphics), worship team, teaching, group leaders, etc. Help share the kindness and goodness to kids of elementary age. Contact kidzat1betheldotcom. Check us out on Facebook.
  • Kidz – Check-in/Safety: Opportunities to assist families upon entering and exiting the building. Keeping the children safe is a priority. Computerized check-in system is easy to learn. The safety team is stationed as each exit point of the building. Contact kdotroettgeratinsightbbdotcom
  •  Kidz – Sports: Upward Basketball and Cheerleading: Assist in coaching, team leading, refereeing, devotional talks. Registrations September-October. Contact upwardat1betheldotcom
  • Bethel Women - Women’s Ministry – Opportunities to mentor, connect, and plan activities for the women at Bethel. Contact women@1bethel.com  (legacyat1betheldotcom)  ','emoba-2070','','','0');
  • Community Groups – How do you meet people and connect?  Volunteer opportunities are available such as group leaders, hosts, administrators, and coaches.  Contact communitygroupsat1betheldotcom for more information.
  • Student Ministry – Middle School: Quintessence is the middle school community of Bethel. We meet Sun. from 9-10:30AM for worship and Bible study. We meet (Sept.-May) 6:45-8:15pm. (June- August) 6-9pm. Contact middleschoolat1betheldotcom  (middleschoolat1betheldotcom)  . Check out Quintessence on Facebook.
  • Student Ministry – High School: The Crew is the high school community of Bethel. Visit our web page or highschoolat1betheldotcom  (highschoolat1betheldotcom)   for more info. Check out The Crew on Facebook.
  • Ushers: Serve the guests and congregation in finding seating, answering questions, collecting tithes and offerings, and serving communion. Contact ushersat1betheldotcom  (ushersat1betheldotcom)  
  • Worship Team: Do you sing? Play an instrument? Contact worshipat1betheldotcom
  • Worship: Tech Team - Training available to operate cameras, lighting, or sound during our worship experiences. Contact worshipat1betheldotcom
  • Worship Support – Communion: Do you like working behind the scenes? You can help prepare communion. To see if this once a month opportunity is a fit for you contact communionat1betheldotcom
  • Young Adult – College Life: Whether you’re curious if this Christian stuff is real or you’re a growing believer – come question, connect, mature and move towards Christ.  College Life meets on Thursdays at 7pm at Jeremiahs. Questions – collegelifeat1betheldotcom
  • Young Adult – Young Married and Singles.  Questions – youngadultsat1betheldotcom
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